RP-51 Stain Protector

Penetrates the pores without creating a film. Facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

High quality water & oil repellent product, suitable for protection against all types of stains (both water and oil-based) on low porosity surfaces such as porcelain tiles, glazed tiles, polished marble, polished granite & polished terrazzo etc. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

  • For Porcelain & Polished Natural Stone.
  • Does not change original appearance.
  • Solvent based waterproofing
  • Ph: Not applicable
  • Density: 0,78 Kg/L
  • Performance: Approximately 8 - 40 m2 / L depending on the material to be treated.
    NOTE: Performances are merely indicative. Actual results may vary.
  • Before application, surface should be clean, dry and totally free of moisture.
  • - Always follow the recommended application times.
  • -Do not apply using a sprayer as harmful vapours could be generated.
  • -Always wear the appropriate protective work wear (gloves, goggles etc.)
  • -Use product in a well ventilated area
  • -Keep out of the reach of children
  • -Do not drink this product
  • 1. Before application surface should be clean and dry. Pour product into a container.
  • 2. Using a brush/roller or sponge, apply a layer to the surface.
  • 3. Apply an even layer to the surface
  • 4. Although the product dries within a few hours, you should wait 24 hours before walking on the surface to ensure maximum protection. Remove excess product (if any) with cotton cloth.


Name Reference Sold exclusively at
RP-51 Stain Protector 1 l. 23959 Spain
RP-51 Stain Protector 1 l. 23961 France
RP-51 Stain Protector 1 l. 23960 UK
RP-51 Stain Protector 1 l. 23962 Italy
RP-51 Stain Protector 5 l. 22955 France, Italy, Spain, UK
RP-51 Stain Protector 1 l. 22943 Netherlands

For larger containers, please check availability.

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