RC-11 Cement Remover (Metal Safe)

Effectively removes excess cement and mortar from various metal surfaces.

Product for spot cleaning cement, mortar and any kind of chalky substance based on those materials having metallic elements incorporated. For cleaning areas which have metallic elements in the vicinity (shower screens, taps, etc.) It's special formulation is designed to minimise the risk of damage to metals and prevent the formation of corrosive vapours.

  • Great descaling power.
  • Will not harm metal finishes.
  • Organic base.
  • Acid descaler
  • Ph: 1
  • Density: 1,066 Kg/L
  • Performance: About 2 m2 / L pure application or 12-40 m2/L dilute application (1:1 and 1:5)
    NOTE: Performances are merely indicative. Actual results may vary.
  • Aqua, Lactic acid, Sodium C14-17 sec alkyl sulfonate.
  • - Do not apply to acid sensitive surfaces (marble, terrazzo, hydraulic mosaic and generally any kind of polished natural stone).
  • - Although this product can be used without problems on most stoneware and tiles, it may cause enamel damage on some old ceramics or poor vitrified tiles. Because of this we recommended you carry out test on small hidden area before full application to assess the results first.
  • - Although the product has been formulated to minimise risks when working on metals, it is recommended not to exceed the application times stated. Sometimes (for example in the case of aluminum), the alkalinity of the mortar itself may have already damaged the metal(s) prior to cleaning therefore caution should be taken in the case of surface finishes (chrome, galvanized, phosphate, etc.) as they could be affected.
  • - Avoid contact of this product with metal surfaces (aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.)
  • - This product can potentially damage the pigments of some coloured and/or old tiles.
  • - Always follow the recommended application times. Longer application times can lead to the formation of corrosive vapours.
  • -Always wear the appropriate protective work wear (gloves, goggles etc.)
  • -Use product in a well ventilated area
  • -Keep out of the reach of children
  • -Do not drink this product
  • 1. Apply the product directly on to the stain of cement, mortar or glue.
  • 2. Allow the product to work for around 10 minutes (If working directly on metal the application time should not exceed 5 minutes).
  • 3. Rub vigorously with a brush or sponge.
  • 4. Rinse with plenty of water whilst continuously scrubbing.
  • 5. Dry with a cotton cloth. Repeat the application if necessary but again do not exceed the application time of 10 minutes (5 minutes if you are working directly on metal).


Name Reference Sold exclusively at
RC-11 Quitacementos Compatible Metales 1 l. 23939 Spain
RC-11 Nettoyant Ciment Sufaces Metalliques 1 l. 23941 France
RC-11 Cement Remover (Metal Safe) 1 l. 23940 UK
RC-11 Disincrostante Cemento Superfici Metalliche 1 l. 23942 Italy
RC-11 Cement Remover (Metal Safe) 5 l. 22951 France, Italy, Spain, UK
RC-11 cement removers Metallic Surfaces 1L. HOL 22931 Netherlands

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