RC-10 Cement Remover

Effectively removes excess cement and mortar from various floor materials

Product specially made for cleaning cement, mortar, tile cement and any limestone base substance. Also suitable for spot cleaning of efflorescence (salt) on brick walls, terraces or baked tiles etc...

  • Great descaling power.
  • Fast Acting.
  • Strong acid descaler
  • Ph: Between 0 and 1
  • Density: 1,05 Kg/L
  • Performance: About 2 m2/L when applied neat, or about 12 m2/L if applied diluted with water 1:1 (for cleaning efflorescence), or 40 m2 / L if applied diluted 1: 5 for cleaning general.
    NOTE: Performances are merely indicative. Actual results may vary.
  • - Do not apply to acid sensitive surfaces (marble, terrazzo, hydraulic mosaic and generally any kind of polished natural stone).
  • - Although this product can be used without problems on most stoneware and tiles, it may cause enamel damage on some old ceramics or poor vitrified tiles. Because of this we recommended you carry out test on small hidden area before full application to assess the results first.
  • - Avoid contact of this product with metal surfaces (aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.)
  • - This product can potentially damage the pigments of some coloured and/or old tiles.
  • - Always follow the recommended application times. Longer application times can lead to the formation of corrosive vapours.
  • -Always wear the appropriate protective work wear (gloves, goggles etc.)
  • -Use product in a well ventilated area
  • -Keep out of the reach of children
  • -Do not drink this product
  • 1. Apply the product direct to stain (neat if it is a concrete stain or by mixing one part product with water if it's a efflorescence cleaning ).
  • 2. Leave product on for 3-4 minutes (over the stain or cement mortar- the product will fizz/bubble).
  • 3. Scrub well with a brush or sponge.
  • 4. Rinse with plenty of water whilst continuously scrubbing.
  • 5. Dry with a cotton cloth. If there is still excess product, repeat the process (for large areas, more than one application may be required)


Name Reference Sold exclusively at
RC-10 Cement Remover 1 l. 23910 Spain
RC-10 Cement Remover 1 l. 23911 UK
RC-10 Désincrustant Ciments 1 l. 23912 France
RC-10 Toglicemento 1 l. 23913 Italy
RC-10 Cement Remover 5 l. 22950 France, Italy, Spain, UK
RC-10 Quitacementos 1 l. Hol 22930 Netherlands

For larger containers, please check availability.

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